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I have continuously dealt in Art and Antiques since I was 18 years old and have generally always specialised in what might be termed 'fashionable art and artefacts'. I started dealing in mid-20th Century design about 15 years ago as it seemed very obvious to me that this period was next in line for a 'reincarnation' as Art Deco was becoming stale. We initially dealt from a massive warehouse and today we have what are probably the two largest commercial galleries in Europe. Decoratum ( based in London's fashionable Marylebone, specialising in Vintage Furniture and Lighting. Our customers are generally interior designers and their clients and we also have a huge celebrity client base but we're too discreet to name them... no B, C, or D listers for us!! We trade internationally and love the cut and thrust of art world dealing.


Our beloved CEO, head chef and former Tour de France winner, Monsieur Le chef, has finely created a collection of the most supremely talented Fishfingers since time began.

With our exceptional creativity and endless enthusiasm, we know how to get your audience excited. No matter how big or small your project, we specialise in giving our clients the F-Factor.

We Turn Regular Fish into Rock Stars!

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The Air Conditioning Company

In 1988 I was sitting in my non-air conditioned office wondering what it would cost me to have an air conditioning system installed. In those far off days it was a fortune and I thought how wonderful it'd be if there was a company who could rent me a portable air conditioner for the summer to put me and my staff out of our misery. Portable air conditioners were not in plentiful supply in Northern Europe and the few that were being sold were being marketed in the sunnier climes of Southern Europe. I researched the market and decided to invest big time. My wife said "buy five", my staff said "buy ten" so I bought three-hundred to get the ball-rolling! Great proverb by Jeff Salmon, "NEVER, but NEVER dip your toe in the water" and "ALWAYS jump in the deep-end if you can't swim.....You'll soon learn if you really have the desire to live!"

Our supplier (a huge American corporation that invented air conditioning as we know it) told us that our idea to open a rental company specialising in Portable Air Conditioners was doomed to failure even though I had just give them an order for £126K, a blinkin' lot of money now and even more 22 years ago!

I didn't have a name for the company so asked my 6 year old son to help. He was reading a book about the alphabet and was on "C" for Cucumber and suggested in a high pitched voice "CucumberMan". 23 years later CucumberMan is probably the largest specialist company dealing in Portable Air Conditioning in the United Kingdom. 10 years ago the company also entered the Fixed Installation Market which is flourishing.

CucumberMan became a household name in London and the South East through summer radio campaigns that had a massive cult following with Jeff Salmon writing the words and lyrics and even singing and rapping! Check out this links and pump up the volume!

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Salmon Assessors

When I left Sotheby's in the late 1970s I immediately started dealing in the art world. After a couple of years I sent a very large consignment of goods to be sold at auction in New York, but when they arrived they were totally damaged through bad shipping and bad handling. I was advised to employ independent loss adjusters / loss assessors to act for me, so as to ensure that my claim was met in full. Unfortunately, the company I used were not particularly 'on the ball' and I decided to go alone and negotiate the claim myself. I was very successful and decided to start negotiating insurance claims on behalf of other claimants irrespective of their profession including domestic claims. Salmon Assessors is now probably the best known name in the loss adjusting/loss assessing industry. If you've got an insurance claim, give us a ring.

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Ten years or so ago I was checking out an exhibition in New Orleans and chanced upon the most amazing wheelchair ramp I had ever seen. The ramp could hold a tonne in weight but could also easily be rolled-up and stored. I saw this as a wonderful product for the disabled and Roll-a-Ramp is now one of the best selling wheelchair ramps worldwide.

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Specialising in vintage furniture and retro furniture Decoratum is Europe’s largest commercial gallery. Our huge stock comprises of original vintage furniture and lighting from the 1950s, 1960s and even the 1970s and 1980s which are becoming increasingly sought after by collectors. We also have a great range of limited edition or unique contemporary design pieces from some of today’s most gifted designers. Our galleries are often compared with museums, although unlike most museums, our vintage furniture is changed at least once a month so each visit will provide a new experience to enjoy classic vintage design.

While many of our sales go to interior designers both in the United Kingdom and Internationally, we are more than happy to sell to private collectors and would-be collectors. Whether you are looking to furnish an entire home from our range of mid 20th century original vintage seating, tables, chairs, storage, lighting rugs or mirrors or are simply looking for a signature vintage or retro piece to complement your existing contemporary furniture or design, we are sure you will find a great vintage design at Decoratum that will fulfil your requirements.

We are also happy to rent our vintage and contemporary furniture for film or photographic shoots so please contact us for all of your retro furniture rental needs for a realistic 50s or 60s shoot.

Everyone at Decoratum shares a love of vintage furniture design and we promise that our enthusiasm will rub off on to you. We look forward to seeing you soon in our galleries.

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